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Overall Goal

The goal of the band program at Summit Intermediate School is to develop outstanding middle school musicians who create, understand, and enjoy music and who have the skills necessary to be successful in music and in life.


  • Students are expected to be on time and prepared for rehearsal every day. 

    • Each day, students should have their instrument, their own music and a pencil on the stand, and any other supplies. 

    • If your instrument is in the shop, please bring a signed note, as well as your music, to class. 

  • Students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.

  • Students are expected to treat the director, other students, and all property  with respect. 

    • Rude, mean, defiant, destructive or otherwise inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

  • Students are expected to follow correct classroom procedures as outlined in “Procedures for Mr. Peske’s Band Class.”

  • Students are expected to produce high quality work both as individuals and as a group.

  • Students are expected to be at all performances on time with the correct uniform and everything that is necessary to perform.


Positive behavior will be recognized and praised. This may take the form of verbal praise, a phone call home, or other positive reinforcement. Musical expression offers its own intrinsic rewards and this program is structured so that students will be able to experience the joy of a quality musical performance on a regular basis.

If expectations are not being met, there will be consequences appropriate to the situation.  I prefer to handle most situations by talking one-on-one with the student after class.  However, if problems continue, the student will be detained after school, with prior notice.  Other corrective action, such as a conference with parents, a written contract, further disciplinary consequences, or removal from the band program, may also be used in situations that are persistent or extreme.  

At times, the band will travel off campus.  I expect outstanding behavior during these trips since individual student behavior will reflect on the entire Band Program and on Summit Intermediate School as a whole. Any problems during one of these events will be dealt with severely. 

Concert Uniform

We will order band shirts for students to wear at concerts.  However, all students will need a pair of pants to complete their uniform.  Please make plans now to have the appropriate concert attire.  Students in Concert Band will need blue jeans.  Students in Symphonic or Shark Band will need black pants and black shoes. The pants for all groups must be full length, not capri style; without any logos, stripes, or other ornamentation.  Band shirts must always be tucked in at performances.  Shark Band students will also be issued a jacket to wear at concerts.  These jackets will need to be returned at the end of the year and are to be used only in concert settings. 

Other Information

Be sure to regularly check this website for upcoming events, information, and reference material.

I hope that all students will choose to complete the entire year, but I understand that sometimes priorities shift.  Each day in band, we make progress from the day before, covering new concepts and material.  Therefore, if a student decides to drop out of band, he/she will not be allowed to rejoin, as the band will have moved on.  Students who wish to quit may do so, but must be aware that they will not be allowed to return if they change their mind.  This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the program.